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Chalvedon Open Home Show
Saturday 12th March 2016

Bobby Tildsley Skills Bout

Nelson Buckland Won TKO First Round

Louis Hurst Lost Unanimous Points

Andrew King Won Split Points

Sonny Hardy Won Split Points

Lewis Mulberry Won Split Points

Kevin Szymanski Lost Unanimous Points

Oli Hunt Lost Unanimous Points

Sonny Hardy - Best Home Boxer

Awarded by Supervisor - Terry Dainty

Rayne ABC Open Show
Saturday 19th March 2016

Three of Our Chalvedon lads made the trip to Braintree for Rayne ABCs first ever show.

Unfortunately, only two boxed, as Louis Hurst as had travel sickness.

First up, was little pocket rocket, Bobby Tildsley. He had another skills bout, with a smaller but equally tough lad. He boxed well and great account of himself.

Then it was Ollie Hunts’ turn. He boxed a good young lad from Billericay & Wickford ABC. After going at it for 3 rounds, Ollie took the win by way of a split points decision.

Finchley ABC Open Show
Saturday 19th March 2016

Chalvedon took Francis Cooper over to North London to box a good lad from Ruislip.

This was Francis’s first bout for sometime, although you would not have thought it. He gave a great account of himself, winning on a unanimous points decision.

Canvey ABC Dinner Show
Saturday 9th April 2016

Chalvedon Boxers Shaun Huntley and Kevin Szymanski made the trip to the Five Lake Hotel for the Canvey ABC Dinner Show. Kevin’s opponent was a no show and Shaun’s was  changed with 2 days notice to a great Halstead boxer, James Blore. The pair of them went at it for 3 rounds with Blore winning on a very close split points decision. Well done Shaun.

Sudbury ABC Open ShowSaturday 9th April 2016

Chalvedon took three boxers to Sudbury. Alana Atkin’s girl weighed in too heavy so the bout was called off. Bobby Tildesley had his third skills bout and gave a great account of himself.

Abigail Daly took on a good strong girl from Sudbury. She came out firing shot after shot in the first, but a lack of fitness showed as her opponent got the better of her by the third. She lost on a narrow split points decision.

Colchester ABC Open Show
Saturday 23rd April 2016

Chalvedon made the short trip to Colcheter for their Open Show. Rachel took on a local girl from Colchester. She came out firing shots throughout the first round. Rounds two and three took their toll, with both girls tiring. The decision went to the opponent by a narrow margin. Fitness now on the program for Rachel, well done.

Schoolboy Championships
Colchester ABC Open Show
Saturday 23rd April 2016

Along with Rachel on the Colchester show was the Eastern Counties Semi Finals for the 2016 Schoolboy Championships. Chalvedon have 2 entries this year with Sonny Hardy progressing with a bye, whilst Francis Cooper took on a top class boxer from Heros. Both boys gave their all, with Francis taking the decision and winning the Eastern Counties Semi Final.

Chatteris ABC Open Show
Saturday 23rd April 2016

After the Colchester Show, We moved on further to the Chatteris Show, where Andrew King took on a lad from Whittlesey.

Andrew hit the lad with the jab everytime and was the aggressor throughout all 3 rounds, but to everyones surprise, the decision went the other way. Andrew was picked up at 10am with a smile on his face and was dropped home 12pm with the same smile. This makes it all worth while for us.

Schoolboy Eastern Counties Final
Sudbury Open Show
Sunday 8th May 2016
Romford Open Show
Friday 20th May 2016

Chalvedon made the trip to Sudbury today with two great little lads. First up was Bobby Tildesley, who had a skills bout with a good boy from March ABC. Bobby boxed really well, and took control throughout the three rounds. Big things to come from him down the line.

Next up was Francie Cooper, he boxed a taller, trickier boy from St. Ives ABC for the Eastern Counties Final for the 2016 Schoolboy Championships. Francie dominated the bout through all 3 rounds, earning him the title of Eastern Counties Champion by a unanimous points score. Onto the National Quarter Finals in 2 weeks for Francie & Sonny Hardy.

Chalvedon took two boxers to the Romford Show.

First on was young Louis Hurst. He had a tough lad from Haddenham ABC. Louis landed the cleaner shots and controlled the bout throughout to take a unanimous points win.

Kevin Szymansik, had a long rangy lad from Alma ABC. Kevin struggled with his opponents reach and lost this one.

Both lads gave an excellent account of themselves.

Schoolboy National Quarter Finals
Saturday 21st May 2016

Chalvedon had 2 lads in the Schoolboys this year. Both lads boxed at the Quarter Finals this weekend in Debenham, Suffolk.

First into the ring, was Francie Cooper, who boxed a great lad from Heart of Portsmouth ABC. It was a very close bout, with both lads trading shots. Francie looked the more technical, but unfortunately, the decision went the other way.

Next into the ring was Sonny Hardy. He boxed a National Champion from Waterside ABC. They also went at it from the first bell, trading blows all through the first. Sonny outboxed his opponent throughout rounds two and three, taking a unanimous points decision.

Off to the National Semi Finals next weekend in Milton Keynes.

Rayleigh ABC Open Show
Saturday 28th May 2016

A nice local show for Chalvedon tonight, just the 2 lads on at the Rayleigh ABC Show. First was Bobby Tildesley, who had a skills bout with agreat lad from Canvey ABC. He performed really well as always.

Next was Nelson Buckley, he took on a good lad from Southend ABC. The two boys went toe to toe for all three round, with Nelson taking the win.

A big thank you to all the fans who showed their support.

Schoolboy National Semi Finals
Sunday 22nd May 2016

Chalvedons’ Sonny Hardy boxed today in the National Schoolboy Semi Finals South in Milton Keynes.

He boxed a tall, rangy southpaw. Sonny had a good go with the lad, loosing a point in the second round didn’t help. It wasn’t his day today, but he will learn from his loss and come back stronger.

Good luck to Patrice Mughazi in the finals, along with all the others who went through today.

Once again, thanks for the tremendous support.

Monkstown Boxcup 
2/3 July 2016

Chalvedon’s boxer, Sonny Hardy, travelled to Ireland for the Monkstown Box Cup. He boxed an Irish European Champion. Sonny was on the back foot moving around the ring, picking his lad off, landing better shots.

We thought he’d done enough to get the win, but it wasn’t to be. The Judges saw it differently this time, but We’ll be back next year, bigger and better

2016/17 Season Training Starts
Main Event Box Cup 
Saturday 8th October

Well done to the 3 lads that boxed in the Main Event cup today. First in was Louis Hurst, who used the ring well, catching his opponent with fast combinations to take the win against a good boy from Repton. Making him a Box Cup Champion at 38kg with a gold.

Next was Nelson Buckland, he also boxed a talented boy. Nelson was a bit slow in the first 2 rounds, but picked up really well in the third, but the damage was done. He lost, be learned from the experience, taking a silver medal.

Last on was Sonny Hardy, he had another really good lad from The Ring. One round each and all on the last. The result could have gone either way, but the other lad took the win. Silver for Sonny.

Thanks to everyone who came to support the club and the boxers.

Junior Development Championships
 Pre Quarter Finals 
Sunday 9th October
Harlow Stadium

Chalvedon’s Harry “Hazza” Blackhall, boxed in the Pre Quarter Finals of the Junior Development Championships at Harlow Stadium. He had a tall rangy lad from Limehouse Boxing in London. Harry had a slow first round, but the second and third were more than enough to take him through to the Quarter Finals next week at Banbury. Well done Harry Boy.

Junior Development
National Quarter Finals
16th October 2016

Chalvedon’s Harry “Hazza” Blackhall, boxed in the Quarter Finals of the Junior Development Championships at Banbury in Oxfordshire.

Harry had another tall lad from Hoddesdon BC, he boxed very well, cutting the ring down in all three rounds, winning on a relatively comfortable unanimous points win.

He now progresses straight through to the Final in Grantham in two weekends time. Hopefully, Aldine Martinez will follow him when he has his semi final bout at Ipswich Town FCs ground next weekend.

Junior Development
National Quarter Finals
22nd October 2016

Chalvedon boxing club had a busy weekend of boxing. Saturday We had Oli Hunt at the Norwich Dinner Show. He faced a good home boxer. The bout got a bit untidy and hard to judge, unfortunately it wasn’t to be for Oli.

Chalvedon boxing club had one lad into the Semi Finals of the Junior Development Championship today. Aldine Martinez had a great first round, shared the second, but run out of steam in the last round. It wasn’t his day today, but still gave a superb account of himself, against a really strong lad from Golden Ring. Well done Aldine

Norwich Dinner Show 22nd October 2016
Brentwood Open Show 
Sunday 23rd October 2016

To round off an extremely busy weekend, We had Jack Frank and Kevin Szymanski on the Brentwood Open Show.

First on was Jack. He had a fairly tall lad, which gave Jack a few problems.

He gave a great account of himself, catching his opponent with some great shot, but didn’t get the decision.

Final bout of the weekend for Chalvedon, was Kevin. He finished the show off in style, catching his opponent time after time with combinations. He put his opponent down with a great shot in the first. Stayed on him in round two, eventually stopping him with a second round TKO. A fantastic end to a great weekend of boxing. Well done all the lads.

National Development Final 
Saturday 29th October 2016

Chalvedon had another busy weekend of boxing. Saturday morning it was off to the National Development Finals in Grantham, with Hazza Blackhall.

He was up against a more experienced lad from Bredbury and Stockport boxing club. The 2 lads went toe to toe for 3 rounds solid, but it wasn’t to be for Harry this time. What an achievement for him to make it to the finals.

Well done Harry

Rayleigh Open Show 
Saturday 29th 
October 2016

After the round trip to Grantham, it was the turn of “Gorgeous” George Ruston, he had his first skills bout on the Rayleigh show. He gave a great account of himself and proved that he is more than ready for his first bout.

Well done George.

Thanks to all the friends and family of the boxers over this weekend.

Five Star Open Show 
Saturday 3rd December 2016

Chalvedon’s Sonny Hardy was the only boxer out this weekend. He boxed a quality lad from Five Star ABC. Sonny looked outstanding from the first bell, to the last, putting together some great combinations, to take the win by unanimous points.

Friday 25th November

Saturday 26th November
Fight For Peace

Sunday 27th
Pinewood Star

What a long weekend of boxing. First up was Alfie Eastwood on the Billericay & Wickford ABC Show. Alfie had a skills bout with a good home boxer, giving a fantastic account of himself, and looking ready for his first competitive bout.

Next was Shaun Huntley on Saturday’s Fight For Peace Show. Shaun had a slow start in the first, picked up in the second and had a great third. Loosing on a close split points decision to his West Ham opponent. Rematch for the New Year.

Finally cam Louis Hurst and Sonny Hardy on the Pine wood Show. Louis took on a good home lad and boxed his heart out. We thought he had done enough to win, but the judges saw it differently, loosing on a split decision. Sonny took on a Welsh Champion. The lad held on throughout most of the bout. Sonny just didn’t quite do enough to take the bout, giving us another loss.

Well done to all 4 boxers.

Chalvedon Open Show 
Saturday 17th December 2016
New Saints & Trumpington Open Show 
Saturday 21st January 2017

Chalvedon ABCs first show of 2017 with three lads out today at the New Saints & Trumpington Show.

First up was Bobby Tildesley. This was his first competitive bout today. He did great against a strong little lad from Trumpington, who kept on coming at Bobby. Bobby went on the back foot with cleaner shots landing to take a well deserved unanimous points win.

Next up was Peter Varey. He had his first skills bout, also against a good lad from Trumpington. We conceded a fair bit of weight to the taller opponent, but this didn’t deter Peter in anyway, as he matched the lad shot for shot, and thoroughly enjoyed enjoyed himself.

Last on was George Rushton. He had a good lad from Maldon. Both boxers had a similar style, with George using the ring to his advantage, catching the opponent with the better shots, to take the unanimous points win. Well done to the 3 boxers and many thanks to the friends & family who made the trip to show their support.

Well done today to Chalvedon’s Sonny Hardy. He boxed a good lad from Hockley ABC, Sol Brooks. The Hockley Boxer definitely came to take the Essex title and gave a good account of himself. However, Sonny out boxed his opponent for three rounds, catching him some big head shots which earned him a unanimous points win, and the Essex Junior Cadet Champion for 2017. Next onto the Eastern Counties Finals

National Junior Championships
Essex Final
National Junior Championships
Eastern Counties Final 2017

Chalvedon boxer Sonny Hardy made the long trip to Gt. Yarmouth to take part in the Eastern Counties round of the Junior ABA Cadet Championships. He went against a good lad from Norwich City BC. Sonny out boxed the lad for all 3 rounds, to take a unanimous points win and the Eastern Counties ABA Cadet Title. Onto the Quarter Finals in 2 weeks.

Dagenham ABC
Inter club Sparring

Well done to the five lads that travelled to Dagenham boxing club for a day of Inter Club Sparring.

We were the first and last on, with Billy Brewer and Shae Barry boxing twice. All boys done the Club and themselves proud. Well done to Billy Brewer, Shae Barry, Teddy Fleming, Joe Zamit & Billy Smith. We have some good little ones coming through. Thanks to Sonny Hardy for his help with the boys, and of course, Dan O’Sullivan for the invite.

Chalvedon made the trip into East London for the Fight for Peace / West Ham ABC Open Show. Just the one boxer on today, Nelson Buckland. He took on a tough boxer from West Ham. Nelson took a while to settle down and find his range, but got there after a while. The 2 lads matched each other shot for shot with the West Ham boxer taking the decision this time. A good close bout, that will go again another day. Well done Nelson Buckland.

Fight for Peace / West Ham ABC
Open Show

We are out again today at Harlow Stadium for the National Junior / Cadet Quarter Finals. It was a day of mixed emotions with one of our two boxers going through to the National Semi Finals next weekend.

First on was Sonny Hardy in the Cadets. He boxed a talented lad, Liam Wiseman from Team Wiseman. Sonny boxed well, landing the cleaner shots to take the unanimous points win.

Next up was Harry “Hazza” Blackhall in the Juniors. He had an equally talented lad from Rumbles ABC. Harry was on the lad constantly, but was caught with too many counters, loosing on a close split decision.

Well done lads, and a special thank you to the Tildsley family for their support.

National Junior / Cadet
Quarter Finals Harlow
Dagenham Open Show
31st March 2017

The Chalvedon Boxing club had two boys out tonight at the Dagenham Open Show. First on was little Bobby Tildesley, who took on a more experienced lad from Daggers. It was a well matched bout with both lads trading blows from the first bell to the last. Bobby landing the cleaner shots inside, earning him the unanimous points win.

Next up and brand new, with his first bout, was Aaron Fitzgerald. He was a nervous wreck before entering the ring but soon settled into it. It was a great fisrt bout for Aaron with him taking the win by way of a split points decision. Well done boys - 2 out of 2.

Colchester Open Show
1st April 2017

Chalvedon ABC were out and about again on Saturday, this time at the Colchester Open Show.

Only one lad on today, but well worth the trip. Louie Kirby took on a much more experienced lad in his second skills contest, giving a really good account of himself.

Well done Louie, the first competitive bout is on the horizon.

National Junior Cadet
2nd April 2017

Chalvedon ABC took Sonny all the way to Grantham for the rearranged Semi Final, after the Basildon event was cancelled.

He boxed the number one lad in the country from Hooks Boxing Club. Sonny boxed really well, landing some cracking shots on his opponent, controlling the bout for two rounds. The last round was much closer, and although we thought he had done enough to take the win, it wasn’t to be this time. We couldn’t argue the split decision, as it was genuinely that close of a bout.

Sonny remains number 3 in the country. A great achievement.

Special thanks Leah, Bobby and Billy Tildesley for making the long trip to show their support.

New Astley Open Show
8th April 2017

Chalvedon ABCs Harry Blackhall was out again today on the New Astley Open Show.

He took on the talented and more experienced boxer, Stevie Martin, from Harwich ABC. Harry came out in first round, slipping shots from his opponent and landing his own. Round two, Harry stuck to Stevie, forcing him to box on the back foot, landing some heavy blows, but he was also caught with great shots from Stevie, but undeterred, he came out strong in the last round with much of the same to take the win by way of a split points decision.

It was a great result for Hazza, back to winning ways.