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Southend ABC Open Show, 17th May 2014

All smiles at the Southend Show held at the Conservative Club.

Both Sonny and Lewis won on points scores against Southend’s Sol Brooks and Brian Oraczko respectively.

Well done to both boxers and special thanks for the support from other boxers, parents and club members

St Ives ABC Dinner Show, 
23rd May 2014
MK Victory Open Show, 
24th May 2014
Dagenham Open Show
29th May 2014
Romford Open Show, 
30th May 2014

Chalvedon ABCs Coaches, Boxers and support made the journey up to the St. Ives 10th Anniversary Dinner Show in the rush hour traffic on a Friday Night.

Sam was first on, taking on local lad, Muhammad Abbas Shahid, from St Ives. Sam gave a excellent account of himself, continually putting pressure on the St. Ives lad for all 3 rounds, winning on a points decision.

Nick was next on against local St. Ives boxer, Bradley Smith. Smith had an impressive percentage record for wins but did concede experience to Nick, who has had nearly 60 bouts. Smith was up against it from the first bell, Nick giving him a standing 8 count in the second which should have been repeated in the third. Nick won on a very puzzling split points decision.

Well done to both lads.

Many thanks to the travelling support.

Congratulations on St. Ives Boxing Academy celebrating their 10th Anniversary.

Chalvedon trainers Jo and Dennis made the midweek journey to the Dagenham ABC Show at Redbridge United’s ground.

All 3 boxers, Sam Peck, Conor O’Flynn and Poppy Rutherford performed outstandingly all taking the wins.

Poppy taking her first win, Conor winning on his debut and Sam winning again, less than a week after his first win.

Marc Rice took the competition ring again after a short break.

Marc took on Lee Devine from Tymes ABC in North London.

Marc soon got back into the swing of things, winning on a points decision.

Liam Hunt made the couple of hour trip to the MK Victors show in Milton Keynes.

Liam took on Adam Boniface from MK Victors.

Liam put on a superb show but narrowly missed out on the win by a fair split points decision.

Hoddesdon Open Show, 
15th June 2014

Hoddesdon ABC from Home Counties had an open air show at Writtle, nr Chelmsford, Essex.

Both Marc Rice and Sonny Hardy had good bouts taking on Hoddesdon Boxers.

Sonny took another voctory with a points win, whilst Marc narrowly lost, again by a points decision.

Harringey Box Cup, 
20th - 22nd June 2014

Chalvedon entered the Box Cup for the first time in its history. 6 Boxers were entered but only 3 made it to the event.

Jack was a loosing quarter finalist, up against an England Team Boxer.

Marc took a Silver Medal in Senior Class B, under 20 bouts.

Nick also won a Silver Medal in Youth Class A, 20+ Bouts

Well done to everyone involved. Thanks for the small club support. Hopefully We can enter a full team of 10 next year.

Eastern Counties Junior & Senior Novices  Harlow Stadium
29th June 2014

Chalvedon entered 5 Boxers in the Novice Championships held at Harlow Dog Stadium, which finishes the Boxing Season off nicely.

Chalvedon enjoyed 4 out of 5 winners, with Liam Chism being the only looser to a close points decision and Sam Peck taking the title by Walkover.

Congratulation and Eastern Counties Novices Champions to Sonny Hardy, Tony Cooper, Kaylom Bennet and Sam Peck.

Denmark Trip 
September 2014


Nick Tipler was invited by Romford ABC to accompany them on a tour of Denmark, taking on Home grown talent and entering the Haslev Box Cup in Copenhagen on 27-28th September 2014.

Nick and the rest of the squad took part in a local show, where Nick was matched against the current Danish National Champion, Frederik Hede Jensen.

Nick commanded the bout from the first bell, completely over powering and outclassing the National Champion, giving him a standing 8 count, and if not for a dislodged Gum Shield, Nick could have stopped the bout early.

Nick won on a unanimous points score. The rest of the English lads also faired well, with 5 out of 6 wins, and an extremely close loss, by split decision.

Nick and the rest of the team now travel onto Copenhagen for the Box Cup. This event will be steamed live over the internet. Copy & Paste the following link:

Denmark Update:

Unfortunately word had got around of Nick’s win against the National Champion, hence, when he weighed in at the Haslev Box Cup, the other entries in his category withdrew.

Nick was awarded the Gold Medal without having to box.

Senior Development Championship 2014

Chalvedon ABC has only one eligible boxer for the Senior Development Championship (Formally Senior Novices), this was Jack Frank. Jack made the short journey to the Colchester ABC show for weigh, when he discovered he was the only entry in Essex at his Class & Weigh.

We have now been informed that he is now the only entry in Eastern Counties, so onto the next round, once We are informed of location and opponent.

Hornchurch ABC
Open Show
27th September 2014

Chalvedon ABC took Jesse Lee for his first competitive to Rainham for the Hornchurch Open Show.

Jesse boxed extremely well against a slightly heavier and taller opponent from Fenland Sparta, Mid Anglia.

Jesse comfortably won the first round, but the extra 30 seconds required in a non skills contest played a part as the Fenland Sparta boxer came back strongly, eventually winning on a unanimous points decision.

Special thanks to Dave Hardy, Jack Frank and Sonny Hardy for coming back from Colchester to add some additional support.

Finchley ABC
Open Show
2nd October 2014

Chalvedon ABC made the midweek, traffic laden journey, to the Finchley ABC open Show in North London.

Sonny Hardy took on local lad Joshua Sholoye.

A very close well fought contest that could have gone either way, but the points win went to the Finchley Boxer.

Well done to Sonny and he can look forward to the rematch on the Chalvedon ABC Dinner show at Festival Leisure Park, Basildon in early November. Tables are selling fast, so get in quick with any requirements.

Various Shows Fri 10th - Sun 12th

Chalvedon ABC made it various shows over this weekend, including Romford, Harwich, Haddenham & Sudbury.

All boxers gave a good account of themselves, the results / bouts as follows:

Romford - Ronnie Anderson Won Points

Harwich -  Lewis Meason & Sam Peck Lost.

Haddenham - Blake Turp Lost

Sudbury - Lenny Howell Skills Contest

Chadwell St Mary ABC Open Show
18th October 2014

Chalvedon ABC took the short journey to the Tilbury Community Centre for 2 Bouts.

Luke Bellfield took on Chadwell St Mary local lad, James Josling, with Luke just loosing on a majority points score.

Sonny Hardy’s bout was against a quality boxer, Zain Ahmed, all the way from Bury ABC, with another excellent contest, Sonny just loosing on a points decision.

Well done to both boxers and a special thank you to Sindy & Scott from Chadwell St. Mary ABC for a good show.

Dagenham ABC Open Show
17th October 2014

Chalvedon ABC took Lewis Measom the short journey into East London and the Dagenham ABC Show.

Lewis competed against Dagenham ABC Boxer, Freddie Hudson, with the Dagenham boxer winning on a very close split points score.

Eastgate ABC Open Show
24th October 2014

Chalvedon ABC took the long evening drive to Eastgate ABC Show in Suffolk.

Ronnie Anderson took on Jack Wiffen from Sudbury winning on a points decision.

Richie Grey had his first bout without a Headguard in a rematch against Dan Gibson from Norwich City over 4 x 2 minutes rounds, winning on a good points decision.

Finally, Shaun Huntley made his ring debut against fellow novice boxer, Vitalijus Popvas from Essex University. Shaun making it a clean sweep for Chalvedon, with another points win.

Congratulations to all boxers.

St. Marys ABC Open Show
25th October 2014

This time Chalvedon ABC journeyed South into Kent for the St. Marys ABC Open Show.

Nelson Buckland opened his account with a very good and well fought Skills Bout.

Swayley Anderson had his first competitive bout for a while, winning on a points result.

Chalvedon ABC Dinner Show
8th November 2014

Action shots supplied by Barry Townsend

Chalvedon ABC had their annual Dinner Show at the Holiday Inn, Basildon. With a busy programme of 14 Bouts, it was always going to be a hectic show. The list of Chalvedon boxers and their results are listed below.

Special thanks to everyone who supported the club and the Opponents, who without these shows cannot happen. Thanks to Paddy Johns from Bristol, Hastings & West Hill and Whittlesey from Peterborough, all of which made the Show a glorious success.

Results for the Chalvedon Boxers:

  1. N.Buckland vs B. Reading (Small Holdings) - Skills

  2. F.Cooper vs A. Hill (Vange & Pitsea) - Won

  3. S.Hardy vs T.L.Purdy (Essex Uni) - Won

  4. N.Tipler vs A. Grant (Paddy Johns) - Won

  5. L.Howell vs J. Branch (Southend) - Won

  6. L.Bellfield vs K. Quinn (Finchley) - Won

  7. T.Lee vs H. Hemmings (Southend) - Lost

  8. B.Bellfield vs S. DeFreitas (Small Holdings) - Lost

  9. S.Anderson vs T. O’Sullivan (St. Marys) - Lost

  10. L.Measom vs F. Hudson (Dagenham) - Lost

  11. J.Frank vs N. Gray (Hastings) - Won

  12. S.Huntley vs S. Needham (Whittlesey) - Lost

Best Home Boxer - N. Tipler

As unanimously selected by the ringside Officials

Southend ABC 
Open Show
15th November 2014

Southend ABC hosted the Essex Finals of the Junior Novice Championship. Chalvedon entered 2 boxers, Kaylom Bennett and Sam Peck. Both gave an excellent account of themselves both loosing on good opponents.

Ben Brooke took on West Ham boxer, Tom O’Driscoll, winning on a unanimous points score.      

MK Victors ABC 
Dinner Show
21st November 2014

Chalvedon ABC were invited to the prestigious MK Victors Black Tie Dinner show held at Jury Inn, Milton Keynes.

Nick Tipler took on Team GB, Kieran Conway, from Kingsheath ABC over

3 x 3 Minutes. This was a very tough bout with Nick giving an excellent account of himself, but was beaten on a unanimous points score.

Romford ABC  Open Show
28th November 2014

Taking the 10 mile trip into Romford for Nick to take on Thomas Gailbraith from West Ham (Formally at Dagenham) for their fifth meeting.

Thomas had not had a competitive bout for 10 Months and this was the telling factor in fitness levels. Although Nick conceded 2 Kgs in weight, after the first 2 rounds of the 4 two minutes contest, it became obvious that Tom was going to struggle. Nick commanded the bout with a continued barrage of blows resulting in standing 8 counts in the third and fourth rounds, with Nick winning on a unanimous points score.

Small Holdings ABC  Open Show
30th November 2014

A pleasant Sunday afternoon drive to the Small Holdings Show in Mitcham, Surrey.

Boxing for Chalvedon ABC, was Nelson Buckland with another Skills contest. L. Bellfield won against Myley Chalk from Guildford ABC. Lewis Measom Lost against B. Whitear from Small Holdings

Hastings ABC  Open Show
29th November 2014

Travelling to the South coast to the Hastings ABC show. Josh Harrison had his first competitive bout against B. Atkin from Westhill ABC. Josh fout extremely well, loosing on a strange unanimous points decision.

Billy Bellfield fout against W. Badrock (Good boxing name),also from Westhill, winning by a unanimous points score. In fact, Billy stood out amongst the others, winning the Best Away Boxer.

Finally, Jack Frank took on N. Gray again from Westhill, winning on a clsoe split points score.

Extremely well done to all boxers who participated.

Brighton & Hove ABC  Dinner Show
5th December 2014

Friday evening took Chalvedon ABC down to the South Coast and the Brighton & Hove ABC Dinner Show. Newly qualified Trainer, Nick Tipler, took Kaylom and Jack in the corner for the first time.

Kaylom fought Leon Rossiter from Hastings winning on unanimous points decision. Jack boxed Glynn Davis from Brighton & Hove loosing on a unanimous points decision.

Harwich ABC  Dinner Show
6th December 2014

Saturday afternoon trip to the Pavilion in Harwich for the Harwich Open Show.  Lewis Measom and Josh Harrison both took on local lads, both loosing by points decisions. Well done to both boxers.

Eastgate ABC  Open Show
20th December 2014

After a welcomed week off, Chalvedon ABC journeyed over to the Eastgate show.

Fern Lewis had her first bout, and although was stopped by the very strong opponent from Centurians, Fern was up beat about Her performance and looking forward to the next bout.

Levi and Jesse notched up good wins, whilst Lenny lost on a very close split decision that could have gone either way.

Many thanks to all the travelling support.

Chalvedon ABC Presentation for 2013/14 Seasonshapeimage_94_link_0shapeimage_94_link_1
Open Show
24th January 2015

After the short Christmas break, Chalvedon made the long Journey down to Portsmouth for an early morning weigh in.

Sonny Hardy lost on a surprising Split decision.

John Lee won Split points and Luke Brook lost on a unanimous points

Sudbury ABC  
Open Show
31st January 2015

Making the journey through a snow storm, Chalvedon took Johnny Lee to the Delphi Club in Sudbury, Suffolk.

Johnny took on M. Buckley from All Comers, winning on a good split points decision.

Well done Johnny.

Haddenham ABC  
Dinner Show
7th February 2015

Chalvedon ABC, along with a sizeable crowd of support, journeyed into Cambridgeshire to the Haddenham Dinner Show, with 6 Boxers. A fantastic night, with a well run show (as always).

Dave Green MBE was on hand to award the trophies.

Nelson has his last skills contest, with Luke Brook, Francis Cooper, Sonny Hardy & Shaun Huntley all winning their bouts.

Chalvedon ABC just missed out on a clean sweep, when Lewis Measom lost against National Quarter Finalist Milo Clay from Attleborough ABC. Lewis narrowly missed out on making the weight for the Championships, so the bout went ahead as a Youth contest. Lewis fought well over the three 3 minute rounds, but was beaten by a unanimous points score.

Well done to all the boxers. Special thanks to the support. Best of luck to Attleborough ABC, with their 2 boxers through to the National Youth Quarter Finals in Newcastle.

Photos courtesy of

Barry Townsend

Colchester ABC Open Show
14th February 2015

A short journey to St. Benedicts College, Colchester for their afternoon open show.

Billy Bellfield took on a quality opponent C. Kelsall from Tom Hill. This was an extremely close bout that could have gone either way, but Billy won on a split points decision.

Billy is now into the Junior ABAs, along with Tommy Lee, Sam Peck, Kaylom Bennet, Swayley Anderson and Leon Dunlop in the Junior Cadets.

Billy has an Essex walkover, but the rest are boxing next Saturday 21st, at Holland Park Gym, Basildon. All support is welcomed.

National Junior ABA Championship
Essex Rounds

Chalvedon ABC entered 6 boxers into the Championships, which were open to boxers born 1999 & 2000. After the initial entries were made, various box offs were required. These took place over Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd February at Billericay & Wickfords Gym, in Wickford.

Results as follow:

Junior Cadet - Essex Final - Leon Dunlop lost to Rio Emmins from Billericay.

Junior ABA - Essex Final - Tommy Lee beat A. Lucas from Essex University.

Junior ABA - Essex Semi Final - Kaylom Bennett beat S. Mannix from Holland Shore.

Junior ABA - Essex Final - Kaylom Bennett lost to H. Cornwall from Billericay.

Junior ABA - Eastern County Semi Final - Swayley Anderson lost to R. Lazenby from March.

Billy Bellfield received a walkover to the pre Quarter Finals against London on Sunday 8th March.

Tommy Lee now faces C. Wade from Lowerstoft at the Eastern Counties Finals at Pontins, Lowerstoft on Friday 27th February.

National Junior ABA Championship
Eastern Counties Final

The Eastern Counties Finals for the National Junior ABAs were held in the grand location of Pontins, Lowerstoft.

Tommy Lee took on local boxer, Cameron Wade from Lowerstoft.

Tommy boxed extremely well, winning on a split points decision.

Tommy and Billy Bellfield now await their opponents from this weekends London rounds.

Assuming they do not receive walkovers, both will be boxing at Earlsfield’s Gym, Wandsworth on Sunday 8th March in the Pre Quarter Finals.

Brighton ABC 
Open Show
28th February

Chalvedon made the trip to the South Coast for the Brighton ABC Show with Sonny Hardy and Ronnie Anderson.

Both boxers took on local opponents, Sonny winning by a Unanimous Points score against Aston Scott, whilst Ronnie lost to another Brighton boxer, Danny Pearce by the same result.

Southend ABC, Open Show
Saturday 7th March 2015

Nick was a coach all alone, as the others were away at Hastings.

Allana took on Kariss Barwick from Billericay & Wickford ABC.

This was only Allana’s second bout and she gave a very good account of herself, loosing on a Unanimous Points decision. Well done Allana, and thanks to the ever growing support that travelled.

Hastings & Westhill ABC
Saturday 7th March 2015

Chalvedon made the trip southwards for the second week in succession to the Hastings & Haverhill ABC Show.

Taking 3 boxers, with Leon Dunlop and Jack Frank loosing to on points decision, with Sam bringing home a good quality win.

National Junior ABA Pre Quarter Finals
London vs Eastern Counties
Earlsfield Gym, Wandsworth, London
Sunday 8th March 2015

Chalvedon had 2 boxers through to the Pre Quarter Finals, Tommy Lee who won 3 bouts to reach this round, whilst Billy Bellfield enjoyed a Walkover to this stage.

Both boxers expected tough opposition, as always from London. First on was Billy against previous Champion, Edward Barrett from Hooks, with Billy triumphing on a close split points decision. Billy now faces his old foe from S. Defratis from Small Holdings in the Quarter Finals next week.

Tommy faced Repton’s, Mohammid Khan. Tommy boxed very well, loosing on the narrowest of split decisions.

Rushden ABC Open Show
Saturday 14th March 2015

Conor Mulvey made his return to the ring after a 5 year absence to face a tough local boxer Josh Pensee from Far Cotton ABC. Dispite given an excellent account, Conor lost on fair unanimous points decision.

Luke Brook also had the same result against another local lad.

Brighton ABC Open Show
Saturday 14th March 2015

Whilst 2 Boxers headed North, Danny and Nick took Harry Blackhall South for his first ever bout. Harry faced Margate Boxer, Joe Leigh. Harry made an outstanding impression, winning on a good unanimous points decision. Well done Harry.

National Junior ABA
Quarter Finals
Sunday 15th March 2015

Chalvedon made the journey to the other side of London for the Quarter Finals against Southern at the Sporting Ring Gym, in Camberley, Surrey.

Billy Bellfield took on his old adversary Shiloh Defratas from Small Holdings ABC. Billy fought extremely well loosing on a flattering unanimous points score.

Well done Shiloh and good luck to the successful boxers from Essex in the Semi Finals in Sheffield.

Berry Boys Open Show
Saturday 21st March 2015

Due to the lack of Essex shows, Chalvedon have been travelling all over Southern England for bouts, what a nice change for a local show at Laindon.

Chalvedon only had a single boxer on, Ronnie Anderson who faced F. Marvin from Stevenage ABC, with Ronnie winning on a comfortable points decision.